This is the interim archive website of the Electronic Communications Committee of the CEPT, working in radio spectrum and telecommunications numbering.


CEPT and its three committees (ECC, CERP and Com-ITU, and its permanent office, ECO) now have a new website  at  You can link to the ECC site at, and to the sister ECO site at  The new site provides information about the ECC, the ECO and their activities, policies and contacts.  You can register a profile for streamlined access to the information that interests you most.  Profile registration also assists with using the website to interact with ECC groups and teams. 


The front page of the new site explains more about the changeover, and you can follow a link to a more detailed user guide. 


This web address  will close on 1st October 2011.  In the meantime we shall set up a dedicated archive section, accessed via the new website, to replace it.




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