Terms of Reference and new guidelines for the WG RA 


Doc. RA (06)047


Working Group RA




8th Meeting of WG RA

ERO, Copenhagen, 2 - 3 May 2006




Date issued:

19 April 2006


Chairman WG RA


ToRs And Guidelines For The New WGRA




The 13th ECC meeting approved the terms of reference and gave guidelines for the new WGRA. 




The meeting is invited to note the terms of reference and gave guidelines for the new WGRA.




Annex 18 to Doc ECC (06) 047 Rev 3 (attached)
Annex 3 to Doc ECC(06) 047 Rev 3 (attached)




Doc. ECC (06) 047 Rev 3_ Annex 18

The Working Group ‘Regulatory Affairs’ (WG RA)




Mr Stelios D Himonas

Ministry of Communications and Works

Department of Electronic Communications

286 Strovolos Avenue



Tel:   + 357 22 814854

Fax:  + 357 22 321925


E-mail: [email protected]


Date of first taking office of present Chairman:  24-03-2006


The Working Group ‘Regulatory Affairs’ (WG RA)




  1. Act as a centre of regulatory expertise within the ECC family to provide advice to other ECC entities, and transfer regulatory knowledge between the membership.


  1. Study the impact of convergence of services and technology on the spectrum regulatory framework, and the current ECC Decisions.


  1. Ensure the consistency of the regulatory approaches across the ECC family.


  1. Consider the implications and means to implement the ECC decisions based on the results of the work on enhancing harmonisation and new flexible approaches to frequency management.


  1. Study matters related to enforcement in the electronic communications domain and promote possible common approaches in this area, and liaise with other ECC entities as necessary


  1. Study regulatory matters related to the radio amateur service and promote possible harmonisation in this area, as necessary.


  1. Investigate the need for, and design, new regulatory tools in order to cover new specific or special cases
  2. Prepare draft Decisions as directed by the Plenary and prepare and approve Recommendations and Reports as necessary;
  3. Develop and maintain its elements in the ECC work programme, approve the work programme of its subordinate bodies, and guide and co-ordinate the work of these bodies;


10. Report to the Plenary.




(ANNEX 3 To Doc ECC(06) 047 Rev 3)

Doc. ECC(06) Oulu TEMP 07 rev1


Guidelines for the new WG RA


It is envisaged that the Chairman ECC, ERO, Chairman PT7 and Chairman RA/PT11 meet with the new Chairman of WG RA to him to give the necessary guidance.


1.         Guidance to the work


·        The new WG RA should focus on legal, implementation and enforcement issues in draft decisions that are being developed in the ECC family.

·        In doing so the WG RA should find a ´best way´ approach in order not to delay the overall process; the procedures should include working via electronic means.

·        The Cascais minutes of the ECC state that WG RA has to reorganise its structure according to the new TOR, provisionally this would mean a PT on General Regulatory Issues, a PT on Enforcement Issues, and a PT on Radio Amateur Issues working normally by electronic means.

·        WG RA is to decide on its internal working procedures and on the way and with what frequency the PTs should report to WG RA. 

·        For efficiency reasons it is advised that legal and regulatory issues are normally dealt with in the WG and only in a PT when the need arises due the extent of the work.

·        WG RA should reconsider the necessity of having one week meetings, depending on the agenda.



2.         Guidance to ECC members


Since the work of WG RA is shifting to legal and regulatory issues, ECC members are advised to send delegates with the appropriate legal expertise to the WG RA meetings.



3.         Issues for the working programme of WG RA


·        Legal issues and consistency of the regulatory approach in draft Decisions[1][2]

·        License exempt / commons

·        Licensing regime (light licensing and flexbands)

·        Maintenance of the rules of procedure and working methods of ECC1

·        Litigation / confidentiality

·        Support to impact assessments

Enforcement issues (see doc. ECC (06) 06, annex 9), such as

Ø      Study the development of the market of radio equipment in order to find and use efficient methods for enforcement and market surveillance

Ø      Highlight practical problems encountered in enforcement work including problems likely to be caused by the introduction of new technology and identify possible solutions

Ø      Stimulate the exchange of information and co-operation between Administrations

Ø      Develop bilateral and/or multilateral co-operation /campaigns/activities

Ø      Liaise with ADCO

Ø      Bench Marking enforcement

·        Amateur issues

·        Rolling Policy Agenda items 5 and 6 (Convergence and Enhancing Harmonisation)



4.         Work Programme for RA


WG RA is invited to develop a Work Programme and propose amendments to the ECC Work Programme on the basis of the above mentioned guidelines.

[1] In cooperation with ERO

[2] F.e. GSM on board vessels and on board aircrafts



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