WGSE Photo Gallery

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WGSE was always considered by its members as a great place to work and to be. The following pictures were thought to catch a glimpse of various moments of WGSE life, with a bit more focus on human side of it, to show multiple facets of groups' most precious asset - its members.
WGSE participants, Marbella meeting, February 1999
Top table Edinburgh
Top table at the Edinburgh meeting, October 2000
(left-right: Secretary Steve Bond and Chairman Terry Jeacock (UK), Vice-chairmen Eric Fournier (France) and Giuseppe Mocerino(Italy))
Terry Jeacock (WGSE chairman 1994-2000) in parade dress saying good byes to the group in Edinburgh, October 2000
Fournier-Woeste at sport event at Regensburg meeting
It has been a long time tradition in WGSE to hold various activities after working hours. Here after football match, Regensburg meeting, May 2001
(in front the then chairman Eric Fournier, on the left - future chairman Christoph Wöste)
Chairtable Beaune Feb-2002
Consultations at a top table, WGSE meeting in Beaune, February 2002
Top table at the Helsinki meeting, February 2005
(left-right: Vice-Chairman Ove Tovås (Norway), Secretary Harry Kuhn and Chairman Christoph Wöste (Germany), Vice-Chairman Jaime Afonso (Portugal))
Viking ship trip Roskilde May2006
Trip with Viking boats during social event in Roskilde, May 2006

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