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WGRR 27-31 May 1996 in Podebrady

The main issues considered by the Radio Regulatory Working Group (RRWG) at its meeting in Podebrady (27-31 May) were as follows.

Warning! It is only possible to give a brief outline here of relevant discussions and conclusions.

- ERC DEC (95) 04 on Mutual recognition of type approval
- Recommendations
- Type approval of receivers and low power transmitters
- Type approval documentation
- Equipment marking
- S-PCS licensing
- VSAT/SNG licensing
- Preparation for WRC 97
- Extension of the Free Circulation Decision to cover more equipment
- Free circulation of Mobile Data equipment
- Publication of national frequency allocation tables

ERC DEC (95) 04 on Mutual recognition of type approval

The meeting discussed comments received on the Decision ERC DEC (95) 04 Mutual recognition of type approval of radio equipment and radio terminal equipment. This Decision has been subject to public consultation and comments have been received from 9 administrations, 2 manufacturers, a manufacturers organisation and the European Commission.

In future editions of the Decision to be prepared by RR9 the procedures based on the Full Quality Assurance System will be added. This was one of the main comments to the Decision which was supported in principle by the meeting but not taken over because it could lead to delays in implementation.

A revised text, incorporating most of the comments, was presented to the ERC for approval. Because new EU legislation is under preparation, the European Commission, at this point in time advised the ERC not to adopt the Decision.


On the three Recommendations that were provisionally approved at the last meeting on:

- Free circulation and use of land mobile satellite service terminals in Europe
- Type approval of LMSS terminals
- Type approval of VSAT/SNG terminals

and were circulated to the CEPT administrations 10 comments from administrations were received. This meant that these Recommendations were not automatically approved and new versions taking into account most of the comments were sent to the ERC for approval.


The meeting finalised its position on the DSI II proposals and forwarded this to the ERC.

Type approval of receivers and low power transmitters

A position paper containing guidelines for administrations on type approval of receivers and low power transmitters prepared by RR9 was preliminary adopted. Work on this topic will continue which may lead to some refinements in the text.

In the document it is pointed out that there are cases where obligatory requirements and conformity assessment are necessary for receivers. For low power transmitters the obligatory requirements and conformity assessment are necessary in all cases.

Type approval documentation

Application forms for testing and test report forms for the standard I-ETS 300 131 and ETS 300 390 and a combined application form for the standards: ETS 300 086, I-ETS 300 113 and I-ETS 300 219 have been finalised by RR1 and will be approved by correspondence.

Equipment marking

A list of equipment markings for inclusion in the Decisions implementing the ETSI standards in the national type approval regulations was approved.

S-PCS licensing

A draft Recommendation prepared by RR6 requiring that CEPT administrations should not require an individual licence for S-PCS terminals was discussed but not yet finalised. One of the open issues was whether a Decision or a Recommendation was the most suitable instrument.

VSAT/SNG licensing

The possibilities of starting a One-Stop-Shopping procedure for VSAT licences was discussed. No decision was taken yet, but it was decided that there is certainly a need to harmonise the licensing procedures as well as a need to create a database with information on the licensing procedures and contact persons per administration. An MoU and common application form might be decided on at a later stage. RR6 will start with the work on licence harmonisation.

Preparation for WRC 97

A list of expected European Common Proposals in the Maritime area as prepared by RR2 was provisionally approved. Some proposals for agenda items for the WRC 99 were discussed.

Extension of the Free Circulation Decision ERC DEC (95)01 to cover more equipment

It was proposed to add Inmarsat D and mini-M equipment to the Decision. This will be studied by PT RR7.

Free circulation of Mobile Data equipment

Also this item will be studied by RR7.

Publication of national frequency allocation tables

Progress has been made by RR10 in preparing a Decision on the publication of the frequency allocation tables of the CEPT administrations. The Decision should contain a common minimum set of data and an adequate presentation which can fulfil the need of informing other parties while keeping the national table of each country in the form the administration concerned finds most convenient.

Short Business Radio

The meeting considered it very advantageous to harmonise the licensing conditions for this system, but in that case frequency harmonisation should also be undertaken.

ERO studies

Interim results of ERO studies on Licensing and charging as well as Free circulation were discussed and commented on.

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