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WGRR  8 - 12 September 1997, Reykjavik, Iceland.

The main issues of the meeting were:
- Type approval documentation
- Equipment register
- Draft CTE Directive
- Revision of ERC/REC 21-15
- Revision of ERC/REC 21-16
- VSAT/SNG licensing
- CEPT preparations for GMPCS MoU
- Maritime workshop
- Preparations for WRC 97
- Preparations for WRC 99
- Draft ERC Decision concerning the interconnection of PMR and PAMR to PSTNs
- Draft ERC Decision for a Harmonised Regime for Exemption from Individual Licensing of radio Equipment
- Draft ERC Report on licensing Short Range Business Radio Evaluation of proposals in ERO
- PMR study
- Fees and charges
- New ERC Decisions on free circulation
- Regulatory issues on UMTS
- Matters concerning radio amateurs
- Enforcement
- Chairmanships ERO study on legislation
- Next Meeting

Type approval documentation

It was concluded that there has been too little development in the area of type approval documentation lately. Therefore it was decided to put more effort in this activity. The UK administration will chair RR1 for the time being.

Equipment register

RR9 was requested to take up the design and development of such a register with some urgency. The first output should be available at the next WGRR meeting in January 1998.

Draft CTE Directive

An information document for WGRR participants on the draft CTE directive was produced. The outcome is intended to be used as a information by national administrations. The paper is regarded as reflection of discussions of radio regulatory experts.

Revision of ERC/REC 21-15

The revision of Recommendation 21-15 had not entered into force, since comments had been received in the consultation phase. The comments had been considered by RR7 and a new version had been prepared. RR proposed some further modifications, after which the text was approved by the meeting. The text will be submitted for approval to the ERC.

Revision of ERC/REC 21-16

The revision of Recommendation 21-16 had not entered into force, since comments had been received in the consultation phase. The comments had been considered by RR7 but there remained some issues to be resolved by RR9. The text would therefore be studied by RR9 and a proposal would be presented to the next RR meeting.

VSAT/SNG licensing

A presentation on ARCANET, a new service offered by Eutelsat was given. The ARCANET system is a VSAT system operating in the exclusive 14.0 - 14.25 GHz VSAT band using spread spectrum technique and very low output power (2 Watt).

The aim of the presentation was to initiate the necessary work in WGRR with a view to considering its inclusion in the relevant ERC Recommendations and Decisions on free circulation and exemption of licensing.

It was agreed that RR6 would take up the licensing aspect and RR7 the free circulation aspect of ARCANET in their work program

CEPT preparations for GMPCS MoU

In the margin of the RR meeting a meeting of the group preparing a CEPT input to the next meeting of the GMPCS signatories and potential signatories group meeting on 6 and 7 October in Geneva took place. The work could not be finalised and a further meeting on the 24th of September proofed to be necessary.

Maritime workshop

A proposal to organise a maritime workshop in order to obtain information from the maritime sector on the future demands for frequencies and new technology was in principle agreed upon. The purpose of such a workshop would be to urge shipowners, maritime safety authorities, coast guards, IMO and other users of the maritime frequency spectrum to express their requirements. Current practice is that regulators, such as the CEPT, formulate future requirements on behalf of the maritime sector.
The workshop will most probably to be held in the first half of 1998.

Preparations for WRC 97

RR2 had finalised all ECPs and the CEPT brief for WRC 97 and had appointed coordinators for certain work items during the conference.

Preparations for WRC 99

In the European proposals for WRC99 agenda items, the following work items could be identified for WGRR: 3.2: Art 25 of the Radio Regulations (Amateur services); 3.5 Review of maritime/aeronautical VHF/MF/HF bands; 3.14 Revision of Article 24/S18 (Licensing)

The organisations and structure of the preparation of WRC 99 will be decided upon by the first CPG after the WRC 97.

Draft ERC Decision concerning the interconnection of PMR and PAMR to PSTNs

A draft ERC Decision concerning the interconnection of PMR and PAMR to the PSTN has been prepared by RR6. According to the draft, administrations should allow the connection of PMR and PAMR networks to the PSTN unless the interconnection results in frequency congestion in certain locations. Based on the discussions of the meeting some changes to the draft Decision were made The meeting approved the draft Decision which will be submitted to the ERC for preliminary approval.

Draft ERC Decision for a Harmonised Regime for Exemption from Individual Licensing of radio Equipment

The Decision relates to the following equipment categories, GSM, DCS1800, DECT mobile terminals and ERMES mobile terminals. After some modifications the meeting approved the draft Decision for a harmonised regime for exemption from individual licensing which will be submitted to ERC for preliminary approval. The existing Recommendation on the same topic will remain valid. The Decision is to be considered as an umbrella decision. Later, additional Decisions will be drafted to exempt other equipment categories from licensing.

Draft ERC Report on licensing

The rough structure of the Report had already been agreed during the previous RR meeting. It was noted that there are links with the ERO report on licensing. The draft ERC Report is considered to be as a follow-up to the ERO report on licensing. It is anticipated that the draft report will be finalised in the Spring of 1998.

Short Range Business Radio

An action plan for WGRR on SRBR was developed and approved.

Evaluation of proposals in ERO PMR study

RR6 will incorporate the different proposals of the PMR study into the above mentioned Draft ERC Report on licensing.

Fees and charges

RR8 had considered the licensing directive and its possible implications for the work of RR. The result of this work was presented to RR. The RR8 document pointed out some action points for RR6 and RR8, most of which could be taken up in the draft ERC Reports that were under preparation in these project teams
Additionally it was decided that RR6 should investigate if there are services other than VSAT/SNG that could benefit from a centralised database and/or One Stop Shopping.
RR8 further presented the interim results on the draft Report on fees and charges for information
Lastly RR8 had studied the recommendations from the ERO studies on licensing and charging and PMR licensing
Some editorial improvements were proposed, which were included in the final reports. The recommendations would be taken up in the draft ERC report on fees and charges

New ERC Decisions on free circulation

New draft versions of the ERC Decisions on free circulation and use of the EMS-PRODAT and EMS-MSSAT terminals respectively had been prepared by RR7. Explanatory text giving information about EMS-PRODAT and EMS-MSSAT systems had been added to both draft ERC Decisions. The explanatory texts were approved after some modification.
Five draft ERC Decisions on free circulation and use of mobile terminals that WGRR had prepared were approved provisionally by ERC at last ERC meeting. Draft Decisions were sent for public consultation. Comments are requested by 1 October 1997. WGRR was requested to establish a mechanism to consider the comments and submit the final drafts for final adoption by the next ERC meeting in December 1997.

Regulatory issues on UMTS

Chairman RR reported that in the previous ERC TG 1 meeting UMTS free circulation was discussed intensively. There were strong divergent opinions with respect to the free circulation of UMTS equipment. Some argued that there should not be any administrative regulation of circulation of UMTS equipment but the control mechanism must be left to the market mechanism. Others felt that a strong international legal regime is needed.

Matters concerning radio amateurs

Applications from three non-CEPT countries to join T/R 61-01 and/or T/R 61-02 were dealt with: Australia (T/R 61-01), Israel (T/R 61-02) and South Africa (T/R 61-01 and T/R61-02).
It was decided to accept the application of Australia in principle but to propose that the 'intermediate' Australian licence class, with a demand for the morse test at only 5 w.p.m. (speed 25), would be considered equivalent to CEPT Class 1. If Australia agrees to the table and to reciprocity, the application of Australia can be finalised.
The applications of Israel and Sout Africa were accepted.
The meeting also noted that Bosnia and Herzegovina had implemented T/R 61-01 and T/R 61-02


It was concluded that chairman RR will discuss the work item of enforcement and market surveillance with chairman FM. If further work is needed on these topics, a proposal will be made to a further meeting of WGRR.


The decisions made by ERC on chairmanships of working groups were noted by the meeting. This meant that Mr Länsman would step down as WGRR chairmanship at the first of January 1998 and would be succeeded by Mr Schwertmann. Regarding the chairman of RR1, the administration of United Kingdom will provide a chairman at least for two meetings. Mr Marcel Roccia will act as contact point until the name of the new chairman is known.
It was also noted that Mr Länsman was nominated as the new RR2 chairman
Since this was Mr Länsmans last meeting as RR chairman all participants thanked him for his excellent work, sense of humour and patience with all delegates.

ERO study on legislation

Information concerning the ongoing study on legislation, which is under preparation by ERO was given and delegates were once mor asked to provide the stusy team with their legislation.

Next meeting of the RRWG

The next meeting of the RR WG will take place in Groningen, The Netherlands from 26 - 30 January 1998.

The following agenda items are currently scheduled to be considered:

- The implementation and consequences of the Decision on mutual recognition of conformity
- A revision of ERC Report 12 giving guidance notes on the conformity assessment Decision
- VSAT/SNG licensing
- The progress on a draft ERC Report on licensing conditions
- The progress on a draft ERC Report on charging
- Interim reports of ERO studies on legislation, non-EEA conformity assessment and free circulation with other regions.
- Enforcement
- WRC 99 preparations

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