RA GSM on Aircraft (RA GSMOBA) (on hold)
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RA GSMOBA developed in cooperation with WGSE PT7, ECC Decision(06)07amended on 'GSM on Board Aircraft' (check here for the implementation status in CEPT countries) which was approved by WGRA and ECC in 2006 and amended in 2009.


The framework proposed in this Decision was reported to the European Commission in response to the EC mandate on MCA (Mobile Communications onboard Aircraft).


European Commission adopted in 2008 EC Decision 2008/294/EC and EC Recommendation 2008/295/EC on Mobile Communications Services on Aircraft.


Ongoing work
The group is currently on hold.

Mr Alexander Gulyaev,
Tel: +45 33 89 63 13
Mobile: +45 20 82 80 24
Fax: +45 33 89 63 30

ECO contact for RA GSM on Aircraft related enquiries: Alexander Gulyaev (ECO)  e-mail [email protected] or phone +45 33 89 63 13

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