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Latest news

During 75th SE21 meeting (14 – 16 March 2011) the following issues were discussed:


Coordination on unwanted emission issues with ITU-R WP 1A (WI_SE21_9):

- Revision of ITU-R Rec. SM 329: A contribution was presented at the SE21 meeting on revision of Rec. ITU-R SM.329-10. SE21 agreed that it is necessary to propose updates of the Category B limits in Rec. 329-10 based on revision of ERC Rec. 74-01. A document will be submitted to WP 1A (May 2011) by Switzerland as an agreed CEPT contribution;

- Revision of ITU-R Rec. SM 1541: A contribution was presented at the SE21 meeting on Revision of Annex 8 of ITU-R Rec. SM 1541. Group agreed that this issue could be finalised at the XO SE21 meeting (April 2011) if consensus is found on the value of implementation factor and roll-off level for radars. CEPT contribution possibly will be presented for the forthcoming WP 1A meeting.

Revision of ECC Recommendation 02-05 “Unwanted emissions” (WI_SE21_15). Document dealing with preliminary revision of “roof” Recommendation was presented by one administration based on the outcome of the previous SE21 meeting. Document was revised with respect to the main body of the Recommendation. Annex 2 dealing with radars remains unchanged pending the finalisation of revision of Annex 8 of ITU-R Rec. SM 1541. Work on the revision of ECC Recommendation 02-05 is ongoing within SE21. 

Compatibility between radars in 2700-2900 MHz and mobile service in the band 2500-2690 MHz (WI_SE21_16). 8 Contributions were received by SE21 on this subject including parameters of the LTE BS and UE and characteristics of meteorological radars; results of the measurements of the impact from LTE system into radars and initial results of the SEAMCAT calculations.

SE21 worked out the list of preliminary parameters and agreed on the ways how  to proceed with the calculations. This list of parameters was sent in LS to ECC PT1 for comments. Information on different types of radar emissions was also included in the LS.  Specific guidance was requested from ECC PT1 on how to evaluate the effect of radar interference to mobile system networks.

It was agreed to give a priority to  initial assessment of interference from mobile service to radar and analyse the results of this study  at an extraordinary SE21 meeting (18 – 19 April 2011,Mainz, Germany).

With respect to LS from SE7 it was decided that SE21 members should analyse the Annex 2 of the current version of working document towards a draft ECC Report on BWS in the band 2300-2400 MHz (doc. SE21(11)15) and submit their comments and proposals to the SE21 Chairman before 10th April 2011 in order to meet the deadline for the next SE7 meeting.




SE21 participants visited Vaisala weather radar during its 72nd meeting.


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Ongoing work

Under the direction of WG SE, SE21 has three current activities:

  • Work item SE21_9: SE21 is responsible for the coordination of the contributions related to unwanted emission issues to ITU-R WP 1A;

  • Work item SE21_14: SE21 is tasked to revise the ERC REC 74-01 in connection with the outcome of the WRC-07. This activity should involve direct liaison with ETSI with expected contributions from ETSI. Additionally ECC Report on the impact of radar spurious emissions on other radiocommunication services/systems should be developed.

 See also SE21 work items on WGSE Work Programme


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