SEAMCAT® (Spectrum Engineering Advanced Monte Carlo Analysis Tool)

Latest News

A new 3.2.4 Beta 6 has been released for testing ( We invite SEAMCAT users to play with it and to report any problems. (Important: This is not the official version, and it is recommended not to use it for final technical work). Details of the various changes can be found here.

The current available version is 3.2.3 of SEAMCAT-3 ( is running.

What is SEAMCAT?

SEAMCAT® is a software tool based on the Monte-Carlo simulation method, which was developed within the frame of European Conference of Postal and Telecommunication administrations (CEPT). This tool permits statistical modelling of different radio interference scenarios for performing sharing and compatibility studies between radiocommunications systems in the same or adjacent frequency bands.

       Brief introduction to SEAMCAT

       History of SEAMCAT MoU 1997-2002 (25 KB pdf file)

The ECO has launch a new SEAMCAT forum where the SEAMCAT Community can share its experience, new idea of enhancement, installation troubleshoot etc…

The software is maintained by ECO and distributed free-of-charge.

Webstart and Offline free download from (FAQ + Practical tips)

For questions or to report bugs, please write to ECO at [email protected]

The new revised SEAMCAT Handbook (January 2010) is available here (6 MB pdf file)


        SEAMCAT Stakeholders

        The SEAMCAT project is an ongoing WGSE (Working Group Spectrum Engineering) activity. The daily maintenance of the project and the SEAMCAT software is entrusted to the ECO. STG (SEAMCAT Technical Group) acts as the supervising committee and source of technical expertise.

        There exists 2 mailing reflectors open to administration, industry and academia:

        • Public SEAMCAT E-mail reflector

          • This email list allows to disseminate useful information within the group of SEAMCAT users (i.e. user support messages, usage tips, information on updates and questions/answers from members of the group, etc..).

        • Public STG E-mail reflector 

          • This email list is not just for users, but people who want to develop and contribute to the insides of SEAMCAT.

        Free JAVA development of the SEAMCAT source code is possible.

        For on going development, access the STG (SEAMCAT Technical Group) page click here

        SEAMCAT-3.2.x - Official CEPT Release

        SEAMCAT-3 has been upgraded to 3.2.1 version (14 July 2010) with the following new features:

        • New Cognitive Radio feature
        • Extension of the internal memory (512 MB)
        • Propagation plugins are now embedded in the saved workspaces to allow easy sharing within the SEAMCAT community
        • some fixes to the 3.2.0 version 

        SEAMCAT-3 was upgraded to 3.2.0 version (11 March 2010) with the following features:

        • OFDMA is now implemented in SEAMCAT using 3GPP LTE standard 
        • Overloading feature has been implemented 
        • CDMA snapshot vectors have been added to provided increased visibility to what SEAMCAT does 
        • Multiple generate of interferer graphical interface has been changed
        • Enhancement to the ICE display

        SEAMCAT-3 Supporting and Learning Material - now available on new SEAMCAT Wiki help & manuals database

        SEAMCAT 2 - Archive

        For any queries related to SEAMCAT please contact Jean-Philippe Kermoal (ECO) via e-mail to "kermoal @" or phone +45 33 89 63 07


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