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WGRA held a public Webinar "Introduction to the New Legislative Framework (NLF)" on 15 September 2010.

The presentation is available on the "CEPT workshops" webpage (Events - CEPT workshops).

The 16th meeting of RA1 took place 6-7 April 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark (ECO).

Main results of the meeting:

·        The work on a new ECC Supervision Strategy was started. This is aimed at replacing the currently applied traditional enforcement policy by a more intellectual supervision activity. This new strategy is expected to take a form of an ECC Report.

·        RA1 agreed that ECO Report would be a suitable way of collecting, presenting on the ECO website and updating information on interference statistics. The need for collection of such a statistics follows from the recommendations of the recently approved by WGRA ECC Report 160 on "Enforcement Benchmarking". RA1 is expecting to develop suitable forms for collecting statistical information in cooperation with FM22 "Monitoring".

·        RA1 considered how to contribute to the review process of ECC Report 044 on “Guidance for radio usage at special events” and requested WGRA to liaise with WGFM in order to decide how the review of this Report would be carried out.

·        RA1 and FM22 are planning to have a joint meeting in October 2011 and a workshop focused on the interference statistics in connection with the joint meeting.

16th meeting of RA1
6-7 April 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark (ECO)

Recent developments in market surveillance

With the entry into force of the Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Directive 1999/5/EC (R&TTE directive) or any equivalent national regulation, the compliance of the equipment is checked ex post. Even though market surveillance is, in accordance with the principle of subsidiary, carried out on a national basis, European market surveillance authorities have joined forces in CEPT to prevent non-compliant radio and terminal equipment being placed on the market and educate consumers on relevant regulations.

In CEPT, the enforcement authorities observed the increasing market globalisation and its consequences on the number of radio equipment or telecommunication terminal equipment sold over the Internet and delivered by post/express service to the customer. In relation to Internet advertising and sales, CEPT has developed a European harmonised approach to effectively prevent non-compliant equipment being placed on the European market in order to achieve a reduction in the number of interference cases caused by radio devices purchased in this way.

For consumers:

Consequently, CEPT would like to draw the attention of the consumers to the necessity to check the compliance of the equipment they buy via the Internet with the relevant regulation of the country where they plan to put it into service.

Firstly, one has to be sure that the equipment is CE marked and that the declaration of conformity refers to R&TTE Directive where relevant wherever the equipment has been manufactured. 

Secondly, when the equipment is marked with an alert sign, one must be informed about its possible restrictions on use to be sure that it is authorised for use in their country.

For advertisers or sellers over the Internet:

CEPT recommends anyone who advertises or sells radio or terminal telecommunications equipments over the Internet to provide as much information as possible on their web site on the compliance of the equipment with R&TTE Directive or any equivalent national regulation.

They should also inform consumers of any countries where the equipment is intended to be used and on the restrictions of use where relevant.

Advertisers must be aware that they may receive information requests or suggestions to improve information provided on their web site or documentation from market surveillance authorities.

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Ongoing work


For details please see the RA1 Work Items (under "RA" as Responsible group) in the online ECC Work Programme database
Chairperson RA1:

Mrs Kati Heikkinen
Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA)
Tel: + 358 9 6966 476
E-mail: [email protected]

ECO contact for RA1 related enquiries: Alexander Gulyaev (ECO)  e-mail [email protected] or phone +45 33 89 63 13

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