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To upload new meeting documents, enter your username and password which will give you access to your specific area.
The chairman of the group is responsible for upload of documents and only the chairman/secretary has access to pass words. The files are organised in chronological order for each meeting. As far as possible all fields should be used for each document in order to achieve a useful document server and archive system.
New sub folders may be created by the chairman for particular use - programmes etc. but the structure should be kept.

N.B. From 21 March 2005, documents and folders are publicly available by default. However, access to documents or folders may be password protected on a case by case basis by ticking the appropriate box.

Existing folders can be 'unlocked' by ECO on the request of the chairman, after its contents have been reviewed for password protection. 

Please note that you should not use special characters such as ' or " or * or [  in the File or Number or Title fields.

In the case of any uncertainty, please contact the ECO – [email protected]


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