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At its meeting in Berlin, Germany, 28 September – 1 October 2010, CPG considered and agreed on the following issues:


1.     CPG established a new project team CPG PTE of the CPG-12 in order to address all RA-12 issues. It was also suggested that this PT could take on board the preparation of RAG-11.


2.      Draft CEPT Briefs on all Agenda items of the WRC-12 Conference were adopted subject to further revisions at the forthcoming meetings of CPG-12. 


3.      Preliminary European Common Proposals (ECP) were adopted on all Agenda items except 1.7, 1.21, 1.23, 1.25 and 8.2 of the WRC-12 Conference, subject to further review and revision at the forthcoming meetings of CPG-12.

Read the details of the CPG12-6 meeting in the Minutes of the meeting.


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Ongoing work

  1. Provides a forum within the CEPT to prepare European positions for ITU World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRCs) and Radiocommunication Assemblies (RAs);
  2. Develops common positions in respect of ITU-R meetings, in particular the Conference Preparatory Meeting, and to assist CEPT administrations that are Members of the ITU Council;
  3. Develops and agrees European Common Proposals (ECPs) and CEPT briefs for the work of WRCs and RAs;
  4. Develops procedures to co-ordinate CEPT actions during the course of the WRCs and RAs;
  5. Develops and maintains its work programme, approve the work programme of its subordinate bodies, and guide and co-ordinate the work of these bodies;
  6. Reports to the Plenary on the progress of its work.

In carrying out these activities, the CPG has established close cooperation and consultation with relevant CEPT bodies, as well as with other Regional organisations and major industry associations.


Password for CPG documents

To access Meeting Documents log in using cpg as both the username and the password.


CPG e-mail reflectors

Information on how to subscribe to and how to use the CPG e-mail reflectors is given at this link: CPG e-mail reflectors.


Project Teams

The CPG has five Project Teams, PT A, PT B, PT C, PT D and PT E. Please see the relevant sub-areas on the website for more information about each Project Team.



ECO contact for CPG related enquiries: Stella Lyubchenko (ECO)  e-mail "[email protected]" or phone +45 33 89 63 09

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