ECO Meeting Document Server

Select the relevant group and year. For each meeting in a year, you will see the meeting place and sub-areas for Minutes and Documents as well as other relevant folders.

By choosing the appropriate folder, all documents available are displayed. Information is provided about date of issue – document number – title – relevant agenda item and who provided the document (chairman, Project Team, etc.). It is possible to sort in each of the columns.
Select the documents you would like to download and click download selected (or press ctrl - download selected). The documents will be provided in a zipped file for download. After downloading, extract the documents in a folder of your choice.

Please note that when using your lap-top in an un-protected environment e.g. when used with RadioLAN systems you should not block all 'cookies' - as that would prevent access to parts of the documents and may create log-in problems.


If Windows XP Service Pack 2 is installed on your PC, you will experience Internet Explorer blocking pop-up windows and file downloads

If you do not want to have to disable the blocking manually every time you are going to download files from our document server, you may avoid it by going through the following procedure:

1          in your Internet browser go to Tools/Internet Options

2          in the appearing dialogue window select tab “Security”

3          select “Trusted sites” and then press the button “Sites...” below

4          in the “Trusted sites” dialogue box, first uncheck “Require server verification

            (https) for all sites in this zone”, then add to the list of trusted

sites (as well as any other of your favourite sites where you do not want any

protection from pop-ups or cookies).

5          okay all and re-launch the browser.

Click here to upload meeting documents

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