ECC PT1 Terms of Reference

The project team shall be responsible for the overall system aspects of IMT, collaborating with WG FM on the IMT satellite elements;

For the terrestrial component of IMT the project team shall further:

1.        facilitate the development of IMT, both globally and at the CEPT level[1];

2.        consider the designation and frequency arrangements for spectrum, identified for IMT in the Radio Regulations and:

·        develop appropriate ECC Deliverables, applying to the use of the 3.4-3.6 GHz and 790-862 MHz bands, identified for IMT at WRC-07;

·        address also the band 3.6-3.8 GHz for IMT;

·        review the existing ECC Decisions on IMT-2000/IMT and take action as appropriate;

·        develop appropriate ECC Deliverables on border coordination.


3.        consider the sharing and compatibility issues in support of the work under item 2:

·        develop appropriate ECC Recommendations and Reports;

·        update existing ERC/ECC Recommendations and Reports on IMT-2000/IMT as appropriate.


4.        co-ordinate positions on IMT for input to relevant ITU groups including:

·        the ITU process for the development of IMT-Advanced;

·        development of compatibility studies for additional frequency band identified for IMT at WRC-07 (Except issues dealt with under WRC-11, AI 1.17);

·        development of frequency arrangements for additional frequency bands identified for IMT at WRC-07;


5.        contribute to or lead the preparation of responses to relevant EC Mandates related to IMT matters as appropriate;


6.        liaise with ETSI and other relevant bodies dealing with standardisation;


7.        on request from CPG contribute to the preparation of CEPT positions for WRCs and other relevant fora;


8.        seek, where appropriate, contributions and assistance from and work collaboratively with relevant ECC subordinate bodies and the Office.


[1]               In accordance to the general policy objectives of CEPT and taking into account other ongoing action within ECC.

Note: ECC PT1 Terms of Reference is to be reviewed by end of 2010.


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