WG FM Correspondence Group on Cognitive Radio Systems (CG CRS)

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WG FM discussed and decided at its 71th meeting on 31 January - 4 February 2011 in Luxembourg as follows:

The coordinator of the CG CRS, Dr Benoist Deschamps, introduced the report of the correspondence group (doc. FM(11)051).

An LS from ETSI TC ERM and TC RRS was introduced informing that TC RRS is developing a roadmap for proposed standardisation activities in the framework of ETSI RRS. The information will be provided to WG FM as soon as possible.

The WGFM Chairman presented an Liaison Statement from WG SE presenting the finally adopted ECC Report 159. It was stressed in the Liaison Statement that Chapter 11 of the report lists pending issues regarding a potential deployment of White Space databases in the frequency band 470-790 MHz. WG FM was invited to review the information provided in ECC Report 159 and to provide its feedback directly to SE43 which next meetings have been scheduled on 14-15 April 2011 and 5-7 July 2011.

WGFM meeting tasked the CG CRS to work on regulatory considerations on the protection of PMSE on the basis of Chapter 11 of ECC Report 159 and to provide comments directly to SE43. 


Contacts for FM CG CRS


Dr Benoist Deschamps
265 rue Pierre Rivoalon
29200 Brest
Tel:          +33 2 9834 12 36
Telefax:    +33 2 9834 12 30
E-Mail:     [email protected]

ECO contact for FM CG CRS related enquiries: Thomas Weber, e-mail thomas.w[email protected] , Tel. +45 33 89 63 12


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