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General information about the web

The new office web site has 6 areas of information to be selected from the menu line


General information

Information about the CEPT – ECC and ECO

How to reach the ECO and hotels


ECC Activities
Separate pages for each of the working groups with information about the ongoing work – meeting arrangements and special news related to the group. Furthermore links and documents relevant to the group.
Consultation activities with information about the official public consultation procedure of the ECC


Links to database with official ECC/ERC/ECTRA Decisions Recommendations and Reports as well as frequency plans and agreements etc. Here you may also find a page with information about the 'class-1' equipment under the R&TTE Directive


Events and meeting calender
Special events such as workshops and open consultation meetings are mentioned together with the CEPT Conference.

A comprehensive meeting calendar with updated information about upcoming meetings within the ECC as well as relevant meetings in other organisations such as ETSI, ITU and European Commission.

Select a particular time frame (month and year) and choose a list of meetings within this period (Refresh) or displayed as a Gantt chart. The link on the name of the meeting may provide more detailed information such as draft agenda – registration systems etc.

Includes a number of activities with information provided in database format such as the Broadcasting database, EFIS or as separate web pages with updated information about particular projects or topics such as Numbering issues, SEAMCAT etc.


CEPT Administrations
Provides information about contact points in CEPT Administrations with name address telephone and e-mail.  There are links to CEPT Administrations web sites and to external organisations which are relevant for the work within CEPT.


Document database.
Choose the icon  Browse Meeting Documents and go to the document database.

Username and password are not needed to download documents (only in specific areas). The chairmen of the groups are responsible for uploading of documents and for the access to passwords.

The passwords are provided to the meeting participants by the chairman of the group.
the documents downloaded may be zipped and can be saved into the private folders on your computer. If you use winzip to extract then untick the 'use folder name' box.

Please note that when using your lap-top in an un-protected environment e.g. when used with RadioLAN systems you should not block all 'cookies' - as that would prevent access to parts of the documents and may create log-in problems.


The web site may also be used for upload of meeting documents by the chairman or secretary with special pass words. All documents should be forwarded to the chairman or secretary for upload. For more info on download and upload of documents in the documentation area, please click here.


News and events
News from meetings with information about decisions taken is displayed on the web site. See both on the front page and on the relevant group pages.



Search is only possible on the web site pages and basically only words from headings.

Any search for ECC deliverables - ECC Decisiions - ECC Recommendations - ECC Reports should use the special search function for official deliverables.


If further information is needed regarding the web site – ideas for more links or more in dept information about particular areas – please contact us [email protected]