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WGRR 4 – 8 February, Kandersteg, Switzerland.


Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Devices.

ERO confirmed that the workshop will be held in April and information will be available on the ERO website.  The final programme is not yet available, but will include a presentation from WGRR. All Administrations are welcome to attend the workshop.

Class 1 equipment under the RTTE directive

The Chairman introduced a request from the EU Commission to CEPT ECC to take action in the area of definition of class 1 equipment.

It was discussed that the task was not as simple as it seemed.  The proposal was to create classes of equipment that could also have an effect on licensing.

2         MARITIME WORK ISSUES Report of RR2

The main items of work had been the preparations for WRC.  The PT had also had discussions on the impact of EU regulations on Maritime issues, and Personal Locator Beacons were also discussed.  Work on these topics and the RR2 work programme will be considered at the next RR2 meeting in April.

3         PREPARATION FOR WRC 2003

RR2 Issues

Draft ECP on WRC-03 Agenda Item 1.9

The future of Channel 16 is awaiting the outcome of IMO.  The document was accepted and is to be forwarded to CPG-3.

Draft CEPT brief 1.10.1

There were no comments.  The paper is to be forwarded to CPG-3

Draft CEPT brief 1.10.2

There were no comments regarding the document.  The paper will be forwarded to the CPG-3.

6.3       Amateur Issues

Draft ECP on WRC agenda item 1.7.1

The square brackets could not be removed from the document.  The paper will be forwarded to the CPG-3 with comments from France and Sweden about the text.  Draft CEPT briefs have also been prepared on these items.

Draft ECP on WRC agenda item 1.7.2

There were no comments regarding the document.  The paper will be forwarded to the CPG-3.  Draft CEPT briefs have also been prepared on these items.

The draft ECPs and briefs mentioned above were submitted to CPG with a liaison statement which contains comments on these texts. 

4         Work Items on licensing and free circulation Report of RR6

WGFM had prepared a Decision for frequencies on GSM-R and RR6 would consider how to incorporate provisions for free carriage and use of GSM-R terminal equipment in its work.  INMARSAT suggested a high priority be given to the work on the preparation of the generic Decisions.

Draft ERC Report of Electronic Licensing

It was announced that a workshop on Electronic Licensing would be held at the next meeting of RR6 on May 2-3 2002, in Copenhagen.

Administrations were invited to update information given in the previous questionnaire and the outcome will be discussed at the next meeting.  Any comments on Electronic Licensing should be e-mailed to Mr Rieder.

RR6 work programme

The following topics will continue to be discussed at RR6:

Border crossing and use of digital land mobile services for the emergency services

Mr Rieder reported that this had been discussed in RR6 but apparently free carriage and use Decisions would not assist in border crossing for this equipment, since other regulatory provisions also had to be complied with.  Finland had originally raised the issue and would investigate further.

Use of new text “carriage and use” in ERC decision

Future licensing policy

3G Mobile licensing policy

Issues relating to satellite licensing from PT5

5         EU MATTERS 1999 Review Directives

The chairman introduced a document, which briefly outlined the Framework and Authorisation Directives.  The Spectrum Decision was also outlined.  A Communications Committee is being set up under the Framework Directive.  This will take on quite a few areas of the work from ONP and Licensing Committees.

The next WGRR meeting would include a workshop on spectrum aspects of the EU Directives and how they would affect the work of WGRR.  The EU Commission would be invited to attend.

EU Licensing Committee

A report on the last meeting of the Licensing Committee held on 30 January 2002 was presented.

6         WORK OF ECC PT5

Concerning Satellite One-Stop-Shopping, the recommendation is under development.  The draft will be discussed at the PT5 meeting next week.  If accepted it will be put forward to the ECC to be noted.  The draft may be available for the next WGRR meeting. It will cover the common application form, how the transition can be made, taking into account any legal requirements each country has to deal with.

7         MATTERS CONCERNING RADIO FEES AND CHARGES Draft ERC Report on Satellite Fees

A number of comments had been received.  All the comments were further information regarding national fees and the report had been published as ECC Report 108.

Progress report on refarming

The questionnaire was finalised and has recently been distributed to all RR members.  The results will be available in March 2002.  The draft ECC Report – was introduced by Mrs Jeanty.  No conclusions or proposals have yet been developed.  A more elaborate draft will be ready for the next meeting with the final draft available in the summer.


Report of RR11

The RR11 minutes reflected the outcome from RR11 in detail.  The results from the interference questionnaire discussed during the Liege meeting were presented during the enforcement workshop and will be used during the update and possible merging of the ERC reports on Market Surveillance, radio inspection and radio monitoring.  Other topics discussed by RR11 were:

Judgement of Radio & Terminal Equipment

RR11 is considering a proposal on Administrative (non Court of Law) measures on non-compliance with R&TTE-requirements to establish a common European-wide view but this matter will be studied further.


When discussing the SRD/MG, it should be noted that RR11 intends to have further involvement in SRD-regulation at an early stage when new radio systems or services are developed in order to avoid interference between systems and enforcement difficulties.  This liaison with SRD/MG has already shown results such as the introduction of a power mitigation technology in the standards for the RFID in 2.4 GHz.


The group discussed and were concerned about the increase in ERP to 500 mW.  There was a concern for possible interference problems in that they may influence future decisions on power levels for devices such as Blue Tooth and RFID.  This was also reflected in a liaison statement to WGFM.


The standard EN 300 440 was discussed by the group.  RR11 was however concerned about the fact that it is still difficult to distinguish between indoor and outdoor use and that the definitions of those terms will be for each administration to decide, taking account of the many different type of structures.  The view of RR11 is mentioned in their liaison statement to SRD/MG.


RR11 will take note of further developments with this system, and will try to influence the process in an early stage.  

GSM Jammers

The French Administration had advised RR11 about developments regarding the use of Jammers in France.  Following legislation passed in the French Parliament, they can be used in theatres and auditoriums.  The other CEPT Administrations forbid the use of this equipment.  A discussion at TCAM was proposed.  Responses from the EU will be received by Easter. The French Administration has yet to finalise its implementing legislation.

Site Clearance Questionnaire

Eleven CEPT Administrations responded to the questionnaire on site clearance for Satellite News Gathering (SNG).  The results to the questionnaire will be considered at the next RR11 meeting.

The revised Recommendation T/R 51-01 on the operation of broadcasting stations aboard ships or aircraft, outside national territorial limits was adopted.

Programme day on enforcement and market surveillance

A day on Enforcement issues was held during the WGRR. The proceedings and the presentations can be found under http://www.ero.dk/EROWEB/RR-Enforcement/Enforcement-index.htm

9         RADIO AMATEURS Updates on amateur matters

An information document on the new structure for Radio Amateur Licensing in the UK was presented.

CITEL application to join T/R61-01.

A document on the CITEL request for an agreement on use of radio amateur equipment was presented.  They would like to join the CEPT Recommendation.  CITEL are to discuss this matter during the end of February 2002 at the PCC III meeting.

T/R 61-01 and T/R61-02

There was no further information on additional signings to these Recommendations.

10    RR WORK PROGRAMME RR Work Programme

It was agreed that RR2 and RR6 would discuss this in their next meeting, since their work on WRC preparations had been completed.  RR11 would incorporate items from the enforcement workshop.  Chairman PT5 suggested that ECC had agreed that work items from PT5 should be added.

Chairmanship and vice chairmanship

WGRR were pleased to accept the nomination of Mr Daniel Buettler (CH) for the post of second Vice Chairman.  He was elected by acclamation.


14.1     CB

A document on CB regulations was presented to the working group.  This was work that originated from an earlier meeting.  A questionnaire was previously distributed and the results are shown in the document.  If any delegates have changes to make to the document, they should send further information to ERO.  It was suggested that the modulation type of CB radio needs to be amended and the free circulation column needs to be amended on the table. A revised table will be discussed at the next meeting.

CEPT Conference 17-19 April 2002

Information was given to the delegates regarding the conference.  Further information is available on the ERO Website.

The ERO Web Forum

ERO discussed this.  The working group can make use of this facility, although it is more for the general public so that they can get their questions answered.


The 34th WGRR meeting will be held in Kiev on 27-31st May 2002, at the kind invitation of the Ukrainian administration.


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