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The last meeting of project team FM 22 was held in Montreux, Switzerland and attended by 49 delegates from 27 administrations. FM PT22 discussed

  • the situation regarding practical considerations for mobile monitoring stations and on-site inspections. PT FM22 will continue to develop a new ECC Report on on-site inspections.
  • The results of a monitoring campaign in the 6 MHz band were discussed and a new campaign at 8 MHz is projected.

Automatic data collection in the HF range: more than 120 GB from more than 5 100  24-hours registrations have been collected, so more than 22 000 plots are available here.  

FM 22 also agreed to help SRD/MG by conducting further, third monitoring campaign in the 863-870 MHz frequency band with the aim to finalise by about mid 2011. The results of this campaign were discussed in Montreux.

The next meeting of PT FM22 (joined meeting with RA1) will be held on the 4-7 October 2011 in Split, Croatia.

All FM 22 meeting documents are available here

Measurements and Monitoring Work

Practical studies coordinated by FM22 include issues surrrounding monitoring sites, noise floor measurements, a variety of spectrum monitoring campaigns, interference measurements, on-site inspections, mobile monitoring, measurement of disturbance fields, collection of data, etc.


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ECO contact for FM22 related enquiries: Thomas Weber (ECO)  e-mail [email protected] or phone +45 33 89 63 12

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