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At its 7th meeting (12 – 13 January 2011, Exeter (MetOffice, UK)), CPG PTB considered and agreed on the following issues:

Agenda item 1.6 CEPT Coordinator, Mr Philippe Tristant (France): to review No. 5.565 of the Radio Regulations in order to update the spectrum use by the passive services between 275 GHz and 3 000 GHz, in accordance with Resolution 950 (Rev.WRC-07), and to consider possible procedures for free-space optical-links, taking into account the results of ITU-R studies, in accordance with Resolution 955 (WRC-07).

The CEPT coordinator introduced the outcome of the November 2010 Special Committee (SC) meeting (doc. PTB(11)021) proposing a revision to RR No. 5.565. The meeting supported the proposal from SC and decided to present it as the CEPT view at the CPM-12 meeting (February 2011).

PT B reconfirmed its earlier position with respect to Res. 955 (free-space optical links). "Active no change" (NOC) should be proposed in the ECP. PT B furthermore reconfirmed its earlier position that Resolution 955 should be suppressed.

The draft CEPT Brief was revised accordingly. The draft ECP will be revised at the next PTB meeting in the light of the outcome of CPM-12.

Agenda item 1.11 CEPT Coordinator, Mr. Eduardo Quintas (Spain): to consider a primary allocation to the space research service (Earth-to-space) within the band 22.55-23.15 GHz, taking into account the results of ITU-R studies, in accordance with Resolution 753(WRC-07).

CPG PTB considered a French contribution proposing to keep only Method A of the draft CPM text and to add a footnote in RR Article 5 regarding the location of SRS Earth stations to protect existing and future deployment of FS and MS stations of neighbouring administrations. Consensus was reached by the meeting regarding this document and it will be presented as a CEPT contribution at the CPM-12 meeting.

The draft ECP was updated accordingly. The draft CEPT Brief was discussed and agreement was reached on some further modifications.

Agenda item 1.12 CEPT Coordinator, Mr. Jean-Yves Guyomard (France): to protect the primary services in the band 37-38 GHz from interference resulting from aeronautical mobile service operations, taking into account the results of ITU-R studies, in accordance with Resolution 754 (WRC‑07).

The meeting reconfirmed its earlier position with respect to the no change proposal to the draft ECP.

The draft CEPT Brief was discussed and agreed with some editorial updates regarding the sections “preliminary positions of other organisations” and “actions to be taken”.

Agenda item 1.16 CEPT Coordinator, Mr. Bharat Dudhia (UK): to consider the needs of passive systems for lightning detection in the meteorological aids service, including the possibility of an allocation in the frequency range below 20 kHz, and to take appropriate action, in accordance with Resolution 671 (WRC-07).

Nearly all PTB members endorsed an input contribution for CPM-12, proposing a method B, which suggests new allocations of frequency bands 8.3-9 kHz and & 9-11.3 kHz to the MetAids on a primary basis. The document will be submitted by UK as a multi-country proposal.

The meeting agreed not to change the existing draft ECP. The draft CEPT Brief was introduced by the CEPT coordinator and the meeting agreed to some further updates of the draft CEPT Brief.

Agenda item 1.24 CEPT Coordinator, Mr. Markus Dreis (Germany): to consider the existing allocation to the meteorological-satellite service in the band 7 750‑7 850 MHz with a view to extending this allocation to the band 7 850-7 900 MHz, limited to non-geostationary meteorological satellites in the space-to-Earth direction, in accordance with Resolution 672 (WRC-07).

The meeting agreed to a no change of the present draft ECP. Modifications to the draft Brief on this agenda item were agreed by the meeting.

Agenda item 8.1.1 (issue C) CEPT Coordinator, Mr. Chris van Diepenbeek (The Netherlands): to consider and approve, in accordance with Article 7 of the Convention, the Report of the Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau on the activities of the Radiocommunication Sector since WRC-07, related to Resolution 673 (WRC-07).

CPG PTB endorsed an input contribution for CPM-12 proposing amendments to the draft CPM text on the Agenda Item. The document will be submitted by the Netherlands on behalf of CEPT.

The meeting agreed to mainly editorial changes to the present draft ECP and the draft CEPT Brief.

Possible Agenda items for WRC-15/16:

PTB considered three input contributions (PT B(11)002rev.1, PT B(11)008, PT B(11)009) towards the inclusion into the Agenda for the future WRCs (AI 8.2). CPG PTB agreed to send to CPG PTA a proposal dealing with “an allocation for the EESS (Earth-to-space) in the 7-8 GHz range” for further treatment. It was decided to further discussion within PTB about the two other proposals at their next meeting.


Read the details of the CPG PTB meeting in the Minutes of the meeting.



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Ongoing work

The work of CPG-PTB concentrates on scientific issues of WRC-12 preparation, in particular, on agenda items 1.6, 1.11, 1.12, 1.16, 1.24 and 8.1.1 (WRC Resolution 673).

To deal with these agenda items, CPG-PTB prepares draft European Common Proposals, draft CEPT brief, preliminary CEPT positions for the presentation to other administrations or regional bodies and CEPT positions for the Radiocommunication Assembly.
CPG-PTB also coordinates CEPT positions for the relevant ITU-R meetings, in particular Conference Preparatory Meeting.

In carrying out these activities CPG-PTB consults with the relevant bodies and organisations and reports to the CPG. 

PT B Chairman

Mr. Chris van Diepenbeek, The Netherlands
Tel:  +31 505 877 130 
e-mail: [email protected]


ECO contact for CPG PTB related enquiries: Stella Lyubchenko (ECO)  e-mail "[email protected]" or phone +45 33 89 63 09

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