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At its 10th meeting (14 - 17 December 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal), CPG PTD considered and agreed on the following issues:


Agenda item 1.5 CEPT Coordinator, Mr Christoph Hildebrand (Germany): to consider worldwide/regional harmonization of spectrum for electronic news gathering (ENG), taking into account the results of ITUR studies, in accordance with Resolution 954 (WRC07).

The coordinator introduced the revised CEPT Brief with editorial amendments to the text. Contribution was presented proposing to focus on the option supporting Method C in the draft CPM-Text (ITU-R Recommendation/Report) and deleting Method B (WRC-Recommendation) from the draft CEPT position was introduced by one administration followed by a lengthy discussion. Two Administrations preferred to keep the option referring to Method B in square brackets but the majority of administrations supported to focus on only one option.

Necessary changes were introduced into the draft CEPT Brief and the draft ECP.

Agenda item 1.7 CEPT Coordinator, Mr Sylvain Germaine (France): to consider the results of ITU-R studies in accordance with Resolution 222 (Rev.WRC-07) in order to ensure long-term spectrum availability and access to spectrum necessary to meet requirements for the aeronautical mobile-satellite (R) service, and to take appropriate action on this subject, while retaining unchanged the generic allocation to the mobile-satellite service in the bands 1 525-1 559 MHz and 1 626.5-1 660.5 MHz.

Four contributions were considered by the drafting group chaired by the coordinator. The group had a lengthy discussion on the two different detailed proposals for a compromise ECP. The exchange of views resulted in a better understanding of the two proposals by the respective parties. It was underlined that there is still a possibility to reach a compromise solution at the next CPG PTD meeting. Interested Administrations were invited to contribute on this matter, taking into account the different concerns raised during this meeting.

The draft Brief was updated by the coordinator regarding the section “Relevant information outside CEPT” and approved by CPG PTD.

Agenda item 1.8 CEPT Coordinator, Mr Nasarat Ali (UK): to consider the progress of ITUR studies concerning the technical and regulatory issues relative to the fixed service in the bands between 71 GHz and 238 GHz, taking into account Resolutions 731 (WRC2000) and 732 (WRC2000).

Five input contributions were considered. Discussions took place at plenary and drafting group level, focusing on the draft CEPT brief, in particular on the considerations of the two options (Option -1 hard limits in the RR versus Option 2 - No change to the RR at this time) in the preliminary CEPT position. Diverging views were expressed and CPG PTD agreed to further develop Option 1 to include second approach ‘recommended levels’ in addition to ‘hard limits’ approach and carry forward together with Option 2 for further discussion at the next PTD meeting.

The draft ECP was not changed at this meeting and will require further development pending discussions on the Options in the revised CEPT Brief. The draft Brief was revised and approved by the meeting.

Agenda item 1.17 CEPT Coordinator, Mr Jean-Philippe Millet (France): to consider results of sharing studies between the mobile service and other services in the band 790-862 MHz in Regions 1 and 3, in accordance with Resolution 749 (WRC07), to ensure the adequate protection of services to which this frequency band is allocated, and take appropriate action.

It was recalled that the objective of the meeting was the preparation to the CPM-12. The draft Brief and the draft ECP are planned to be discussed at the next CPG PTD meeting which will be held in April 2011, prior to the next CPG12-7 meeting.

CPG PTD discussed and agreed on the following contributions for CPM-12 which will be submitted by France as multi-county proposals on 14th January 2011:

           modifications to the draft CPM text (comments raised by the CPM management team were addressed; it was decided to mix methods B1 and B1bis);

           Resolution [ARNS/Mobile] (modifications were made related to the thresholds for triggering the coordination between ARNS and mobile based on input contributions to this meeting. It also addressed the fact that thresholds to protect Mobile from ARNS were missing in the Resolution 749).

Agenda item 1.18 CEPT Coordinator, Mr Dominic Hayes (GSA): to consider extending the existing primary and secondary radiodetermination-satellite service (space-to-Earth) allocations in the band 2 483.5-2 500 MHz in order to make a global primary allocation, and to determine the necessary regulatory provisions based upon the results of ITU-R studies, in accordance with Resolution 613 (WRC-07).

The drafting group chaired by the CEPT coordinator considered three contributions. The study on the impact of RDSS on SAP/SAB equipment was considered and the meeting concluded that no changes to the proposed RDSS pfd would be made at this stage as this value is calculated based on compatibility studies with all services not only SAP/SAB. 

A consolidated CEPT proposal for the CPM based on input contributions was agreed. 

The ECP was updated in line with the input contributions. Changes were made to the draft Brief to reflect an updated RCC position.

Agenda item 1.20 Coordinator, Mr Alexander Klyucharev (Russian Federation): to consider the results of ITUR studies and spectrum identification for gateway links for high altitude platform stations (HAPS) in the range 5850 7075 MHz in order to support operations in the fixed and mobile services, in accordance with Resolution 734 (Rev.WRC07).


Only doc. 141 from the CEPT Coordinator was submitted for the meeting proposing modification of the CEPT brief on AI 1.20. Modifications were discussed at the Plenary.

It was pointed out that proposed modifications of the draft CEPT brief have to cover the following:

-           to reflect in the draft CEPT brief WP 5C and SG 5 results;

-           to update information from outside CEPT based on the contributions submitted to the 2nd ITU Information Meeting on WRC-12 Preparation (24-25 November 2010).

No comments were received on proposed modifications of the draft CEPT brief and it was approved by the meeting. Draft ECP was kept as it was approved at the last CPG meeting (September 2010).


Agenda Item 1.25 CEPT Coordinator, Mr Juergen Nitschke (Germany): to consider possible additional allocations to the mobile-satellite service, in accordance with Resolution 231 (WRC07).


PTD further developed the ECPs in accordance with the CPG12-6 guidelines with the following results:

           An ECP with a NOC option has been further developed for each frequency band and brought in line with the required format;

           The ECPs for new MSS downlink allocations in the frequency bands 5 150-5 250 MHz, 10.5-10.6 GHz and 13.25-13.4 GHz were further developed and combined with an associated new uplink in the frequency band 15.43-15.63 GHz.



To read minutes from the 10th CPG PTD meeting please click here.


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Ongoing work

The work of CPG-PTD concentrates on various issues of WRC-12 preparation dealt with under agenda items 1.5, 1.7, 1.8, 1.17, 1.18, 1.20, and 1.25.

To deal with these agenda items, CPG-PTD prepares draft European Common Proposals, draft CEPT brief, preliminary CEPT positions for the presentation to other administrations or regional bodies and CEPT positions for the Radiocommunication Assembly.
CPG-PTD also coordinates CEPT positions for the relevant ITU-R meetings, in particular Conference Preparatory Meeting.

In carrying out these activities CPG-PTD consults with the relevant bodies and organisations and reports to the CPG. 


PT D Chairman
Mr. Stephen Bond, United Kingdom
Tel:  +44 207 783 4295 
e-mail:     [email protected]

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