Working Group Numbering and Networks
— deliverables

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Deliverables produced by the Working Group on Numbering and Networks:



On European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS) conventions

On European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS) conventions (Withdrawn)

On carrier pre-selection (Withdrawn)

Regarding a European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS)

Regarding a European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS)




Services using Harmonised European Short Codes in the National Numbering Range Beginning with ‘116’

Consumer Protection against abuse of High Tariff Services

Principles Related to Numbering Plans for SMS Short Codes

Customer Protection in Case of Misuse or Unauthorised Use of International E.164 Numbering Resources

Numbering for Nomadic "Voice over IP" Services

Designation of "116" Number Range for Possible Future Europe-Wide Harmonised Short Numbers (Withdrawn)

Data-only terminals that do not use E.164 numbers for their services

Specific E.164 numbers for fax and data services separate from the number for voice telephony (Withdrawn)

The choice of number range for services on emerging mobile systems

On TETRA ITSI numbering resource & its relationship to E.212 IMSI numbering resource

On harmonised European implementation of ENUM numbering / naming databases (Withdrawn)

On charging principles of national & international freephone numbers

Use of special network access  (Withdrawn)

Licensing conditions relating to Consumer Protection in Telecommunications in Europe (Withdrawn)

On guidelines for fundamental changes to national numbering & dialling plans

On harmonised national numbering conventions regarding ITU-T Recommendation E.164 numbers

On alphanumeric dialling in Europe

On numbering access to voice directory enquiry services

Regarding number portability between operators in the fixed local loop (Withdrawn)




ECC Report 155
Number Portability efficiency: Impact and analysis of certain aspects in Article 30.4 of the Universal Service Directive and general remarks on NP efficiency

ECC Report 154
Evolution of Geographic Numbers

ECC Report 153
Numbering and Addressing in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications

ECC Report 133
Increasing Trust in Calling Line Identification and Originating Identification

ECC Report 126
Fixed-Mobile Convergence with survey of Numbering related issues

ECC Report 88
Principles Related to Numbering Plans for SMS Short Codes

ECC Report 87
The Future of E.164 Numbering Plans and Allocation Arrangements

ECC Report 86
Consumer Abuses and Fraud Issues Relating to High Tariff Services

ECC Report 70
Services Based on HESC

ECC Report 60
Number Assignment Practices in CEPT Countries

ECC Report 59
Numbering for VoIP Services

ECC Report 36
Implications for numbering, naming and addressing of the convergence of the Internet and the telco networks

ECC Report 31 revision 1
Implementation of mobile number portability in CEPT countries - October 2005
(ECC Report 31 Implementation of mobile number portability in CEPT countries - March 2003)

ECTRA Report Nov 00
The effect of number portability on national number administration & management

ECTRA Report Apr 00
Number portability for mobile networks

ECTRA Report 48502
Project management, administration & registrar functions for the ETNS field trial, phase 2

ECTRA Report 48465
Harmonised national conventions for naming & addressing

ECTRA Report 48461
ETNS field trial 1: scope, architecture, work plan & business plan

ECTRA Report 48381
A long term strategic plan for the numbering & addressing of telecommunications services in Europe

ECTRA Report 48380
Harmonisation of short codes in Europe

ECTRA Report 48379
Harmonised national numbering conventions

ECTRA Report 48378
Review of national numbering schemes on their openness to competition

ECTRA Report 48377
The numbering requirements of corporate telecommunication networks (CNs) & their impact on public network numbering

ECTRA Report 48374-75-76
Management, routeing & portability aspects of the European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS)

ECTRA Report 48341
Carrier selection

ECTRA Report 48267
Numbering related to the topic of user-friendliness

ECTRA Report 48264
Non-discriminatory access to numbering resources

ECTRA Report 48263
Numbering related to personal communications services (PCS) in Europe


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