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The ECC Plenary in its meeting in Montpellier 1-5 March 2010 decided to merge the WG NNA and the ECC PT2 TRIS. At the joint meeting of WG NNA and PT TRIS in Vilnius 16 June 2010 it was decided that the name of the new group is Working Group Numbering and Networks (WG NaN).

The objectives of WG NaN PT TRIS are to:

  • Advise the ECC on network technology, especially in relation to identifying where technology developments will effect the regulation of network access, interconnection, and interoperability
  • Identify specific network related problems and advise the ECC on what European harmonisation procedures which may be needed to avoid proliferation of diverse national solutions
  • Discourage market distortion and technical barriers to market entry through appropriate application of harmonised measures


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Ongoing work

The work of PT TRIS is currently focused on:

  • The regulatory treatment of VoIP and NGNs (Next Generation Networks)
  • Interconnection for NGNs
  • Emergency communications from IP-based services
  • Regulated access to new broadband networks (NGA)
    • Ducts and physical infrastructure
    • Local loop and fibre unbundling
    • Bitstream services
  • New fixed and mobile broadband technologies
  • Quality of service (QoS) aspects
  • Means of promoting interoperability

Implementation of 112 emergency number:

  • TRIS carried out a survey on implementation of 112 emergency number in 2006. The summary of the survey is available HERE.
  • TRIS made a new report on "Practical Improvements in Handling 112 Emergency Calls - Caller Location Information". The report is available HERE.

TRIS workshops: 

  • Next Generation Access (Copenhagen, 23 February 2011). Presentations available HERE
  • Fibre-to-the-home (Biel 5 October 2010). Presentations available HERE
  • VDSL and sub-loop unbunding (Vilnius, 17 June 2010). Presentations available HERE
  • Mobile Broadband (Lisbon, 23 February 2010). Presentations available HERE
  • Regulation of new fibre based broadband networks (Copenhagen, September 2009). Presentations available HERE
  • IPv6 workshop (Vilnius, June 2009). Presentations available HERE
  • Ethernet-based transmission systems (Copenhagen, February 2009). Presentations available HERE
  • Fixed-Mobile Convergence (Copenhagen, March 2007). Presentations available HERE.
  • NGNs and their numbering and interconnection (Copenhagen, January 2006). Presentations available HERE.

Publications in the last three years:

Chairman of WG NaN PT TRIS

The chairman's post for WG NaN PT TRIS is currently open.

Interim Chair: Mr Torgeir Alvestad (tel. +47 22 82 48 67, e-mail: [email protected])

ECO contact for WG NaN PT TRIS related enquiries: Jukka Rakkolainen (ECO)  e-mail "" or phone +45 33 89 63 03

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