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FM47 met in ECO, Copenhagen, 2-3 December. The following results were achieved.


Location Tracking Application for Emergency Services (LAES) in disaster situations operating within the frequency range 3.4 – 4.8 GHz

No discussion since the priority was given to the other items.


Location tracking applications type 2 (LT2) operating in the frequency bands 3.4 – 4.8 GHz and 6 – 8.5 GHz for person and object tracking and industrial applications

FM47 considered the outcome of the FM47 correspondence group on UWB LT2. FM 47 approved a draft ECC Report on practical implementation of registration/coordination mechanism for LT2 systems to be sent to WG FM for adoption for public consultation. The Chairman will contact WG RA Chairman. FM47 also developed a working document for a draft ECC Recommendation on UWB Location-tracking applications based on current results of SE24 studies on LT2 which will be sent to SE24 in order to inform them of the way FM47 foresees possible regulation for LT2 systems.


Location tracking and sensor applications for automotive and transportation environments (LTA) operating in the frequency bands from 3.1 – 4.8 GHz and 6 – 8.5 GHz

FM47 should consider possible regulatory proposal based on the outcome of SE24 studies on LTA. Airborne UWB applications operating in the frequency bands from 3.1 GHz to 4.8 GHz and 6 GHz to 8.5 GHz. Further discussion within CEPT/WG FM on this Work Item is pending the outcome of SE24 studies on Airborne UWB.


Generic UWB regulation

FM47 noted the conclusions from the ECC which tasked WG FM to merge Decisions ECC/DEC/(06)04 and ECC/DEC(06)12. FM47 considered the material developed within SE24 and reached a compromise on an alternative to the “long term duty cycle limit” for vehicle speed above 20 km/h and on maximum mean e.i.r.p. spectral density of -47.3dBm/MHz measured outside the vehicle for elevation angles higher than 0 degree. FM47 agreed to submit the draft amended Decision to WG FM for adoption for public consultation. FM47 also agreed to send this proposal to ETSI ERM TGUWB copy SE24 and invite them to send their possible comments with copy to SE24 (web meeting on 12 January 2011). 


JRC measurements

FM47 noted that these investigations from the JRC could lead to change requests on LDC parameters in the future in order to provide better protection to WIMAX terminals, pending the type of deployment scenarios at risk.


RIS format:

ECO prepared one input which was not considered yet. FM47 should review this document at its 7th meeting in April 2011 and develop a proposal that reflects proposed amendments of Decisions ECC/DEC/(06)04 and ECC/DEC/(06)12 for submission to CG RA-RIS.


Location tracking in railroad environment

FM47 considered a draft version of TR 101 538 v1.1.1_0.0.7 SRDoc on “location tracking in railroad environment” from ETSI ERM and is of the opinion that a potential widespread outdoor deployment along railways and tramways tracks in Europe remains is a major concern. FM47 agreed to develop by correspondence a draft Liaison Statement from WG FM to ETSI on this issue, for consideration by WG FM at its meeting in February 2011.

Latest deliverables:

CEPT Report 034: Report B from CEPT to European Commission in response to the Mandate 4 on Ultra-Wideband (UWB)  


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Ongoing work

  • Development of CEPT response to the new EC Mandate on SRR ("SRR Mandate 2").
  • Development of CEPT Report B in response to the fourth EC Mandate on UWB.
  • Impact assessment on SRR.
  • UWB location tracking application for emergency services (LAES)
  • UWB airborne applications


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