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SE19 met in Biel on 24-25 November 2010 (55th meeting). The following issues were addressed:

  • WI SE19_22: High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) in the range 5850 – 7075 MHz. Activity finalised: Nothing to report still under PC. PC results, if any, will be treated by correspondence

  • WI SE19_23: Review of ECC-ERC-T/R Recommendations made in SE19

    • ECC REC (02)06: SE19 has finalized its work on the revision of the ECC/REC(02)06. A revision of the ECC/REC(02)06 and a new ECC Report, giving the history of that band and this revision work, will be proposed for PC to WGSE.

    • ERC/REC/(00)05, ERC/REC/(01)03, ECC/REC/(04)06: Nothing to report still under PC. PC results, if any, will be treated by correspondence.

  • WI SE19_24: Coordinated inputs to ITU-R: WP5C. All the documents accepted at the last SE19 meeting have been presented to ITU-R WP5C by Italy on behalf of other CEPT supporting countries, and all have been accepted with minor modifications. The proposed revision of Rec. F.1520 (32 GHz band), being minimal, was directly accepted by WP5C and sent to SG5 for final approval; all other documents have been retained in WP5C Chairman report for further consideration, and possible approval, at next June 2011 meeting.

  • WI SE19_25: FS in Europe - Current use and future trends Post-2011: SE19 finalised the questionnaire

    • 24 countries have responded to the questionnaire, more are to come.

    • Review of the current ECC Report has been carried out where each chapter of the ECC Report 003 has been assigned a responsible person (see minutes). List of interested SE19 participants have been identified to carry out this activity. 3 GotoMeeting have been planned before the next WGSE meeting.

      • 02 December 2010 (13:00-15:00)
      • 20 December 2010 (13:00-15:00)
      • 14 January 2011 (11:00-13:00)

  • AoB

    • LS to SE21 and SE24 on the revision of ECC Report 124 and 60GHz issue respectivey were sent. A LS to STG with typical parameters of FS for SEAMCAT library has been drafted and need to be further developed by correspondence activity

    • RIS Template: SE19 to wait that the ECC/REC(11)01 be approved by WGSE to translate its content in the RIS template.

SE19 meeting in Sophia Antipolis (France) at ETSI for its 48th meeting.


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Ongoing work

Under the direction of WG SE, SE19 as 2 current activities:

  • Work item SE19_22: SE19 is to support the WRC-11 CPG-PTD agenda item 1.20 on the High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) in the range 5.850- 7.075 MHz;

  • Work item SE19_23: SE19 is to Review of ECC/ERC Recommendations made in SE19:

    • under progress - ECC/REC/(02)06: Preferred channel arrangements for digital fixed service systems operating in the frequency range 7 125 – 8 500 MHz.
    • under progress - ERC/REC/(00)05: Use of the band 24.5 – 26.5 GHz for Fixed Wireless Access.
    • under progress - ERC/REC/(01)03: Use of parts of the band 27.5 – 29.5 GHz for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA).
    • under progress - ECC/REC/(04)06: Guidelines for block allocation for Fixed Wireless Systems in the band 31.8 – 33.4 GHz.
    • closed             - T/R 13-02: Preferred channel arrangements for fixed services in the range 22.0 - 29.5 GHz.
    • closed             - T/R 13-01: Preferred channel arrangements for fixed services in the range 1 - 3 GHz.
    • closed             - T/R 12-01: Harmonized radio frequency channel arrangements for analogue and digital terrestrial fixed systems operating in the band 37 - 39.5 GHz.
    • closed             - ERC/REC 12-06: Harmonised radio frequency channel arrangements for digital terrestrial fixed systems operating in the band 10.7 GHz to 11.7 GHz.
    • closed             - ERC/REC/(01)02: Preferred channel arrangement for digital fixed service systems operating in the frequency band 31.8 – 33.4 GH.
    • closed             - ERC/REC/(01)04: Recommended guidelines for the accommodation and assignment of MWS in the frequency band 40.5 - 43.5 GHz.
    • closed             - ECC/REC/(01)05: List of parameters of digital point-to-point fixed radio links used for national planning.
    • closed             - ECC/REC/(02)02: Channel arrangements for digital fixed service systems (P-P and P-MP) operating in the frequency band 31 – 31.3 GHz.

See also SE19 work items on WGSE Work Programme



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